A quote from a mas­ter boot­maker

D.W. From­mer is a west­ern boot­maker whose work I greatly admire and, while I have nev­er met him, over some years of read­ing his posts on the Crispin Col­loquy his atti­tude to his craft has been influ­en­tial in my own think­ing about the craft of shoe­mak­ing.

Recently he wrote this in a post to the board:

[…] I wish that I could instill in every stu­dent I take, and every shoe/bootmaker who wants to listen, the notion that we don’t make shoes just to col­lect the selling price and then wash our hands of them. There is always anoth­er day, and always a con­sequence to every decision…be it regard­ing tech­nique or materials…that we make. What many fail to real­ize is that a year, two years, ten years down the road they are still ours reflect­ing our judg­ment and our skills.”

I think his point is of value to every crafts­man, regard­less of wheth­er they’re a pro­fes­sion­al work­ing for pay or a reen­act­or mak­ing some­thing for them­selves. Keep this in mind with every step you take in mak­ing some­thing, and with every decision you make about design or the exe­cu­tion of a par­tic­u­lar tech­nique, and regard­less of your level of manu­al skill or the depth of your know­ledge your work will be bet­ter for it.

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