A quote from a master bootmaker

D.W. Frommer is a western bootmaker whose work I greatly admire and, while I have never met him, over some years of reading his posts on the Crispin Colloquy his attitude to his craft has been influential in my own thinking about the craft of shoemaking.

Recently he wrote this in a post to the board:

“[…] I wish that I could instill in every student I take, and every shoe/bootmaker who wants to listen, the notion that we don’t make shoes just to collect the selling price and then wash our hands of them. There is always another day, and always a consequence to every decision…be it regarding technique or materials…that we make. What many fail to realize is that a year, two years, ten years down the road they are still ours reflecting our judgment and our skills.”

I think his point is of value to every craftsman, regardless of whether they’re a professional working for pay or a reenactor making something for themselves. Keep this in mind with every step you take in making something, and with every decision you make about design or the execution of a particular technique, and regardless of your level of manual skill or the depth of your knowledge your work will be better for it.

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