An amaz­ing dis­play of peri­od shoe­mak­ing tools

This is a pho­to­graph from Serge and Mar­quita Volken’s shoe­mak­ing museum which you can read about at I have pos­ted it here with their per­mis­sion after they pos­ted it on their face­book page.
They said, about the dis­play:

Our new dis­play: Shoe makers tool boards: from left to right: Neo­lith­ic, Roman, Medi­ev­al, 16 and 17 cen­tury and finally 19 to 20 cen­tury. Rule of the house Roman shoes are made with roman tools etc.”

Tool racks at the Volken's shoe museum in Lausanne, Switzerland containing shoemaking tools from neolithic, Roman, medieval, 16th & 17th, and 19th/20th centuries.

Tool racks at the Volken’s shoe museum in Lausanne, Switzer­land con­tain­ing shoe­mak­ing tools from neo­lith­ic, Roman, medi­ev­al, 16th & 17th, and 19th/20th cen­tur­ies.

The great thing this illus­trates is not only that teh Volkens have an incred­ible depth of knowedge and some rgreat tools, but also that you really don’t need a lot of tools to make shoes. A couple of knives, a couple of awls, thread, wax, and bristles; along with some lasts and leath­er.

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