Brief status update

Apo­lo­gies to the vari­ous people wait­ing on me to write things up on here. A mix­ture of busy­n­ess and broken­ness has con­spired against much in the way of recre­ation­al typ­ing for a while, and what I could get done was going on the com­bat hand­book. It’s also meant I haven’t actu­ally done any­thing much for a while since I’ve been too broken to sew.

Any­way, in approx­im­ate order the list of things I have to write up on here is:

  • ren­der­ing tal­low (because I’ve just done that)
  • build­ing thread & attach­ing bristles
  • mak­ing and using board and wedge lasts
  • tape fit­ter shoes
  • pat­tern­ing (just a brain dump, I have too much to learn to be really use­ful to oth­ers in this area)
  • awl tech­nique
  • basic stitches
  • prac­tice sampler pat­tern

If there’s any­thing else you spe­cific­ally want to see on here let me know and if I know enough to be use­ful I’ll add it to the list. Oth­er­wise I will return you to your nor­mal sched­ule of ran­dom brain dumps about stuff I’ve been doing recently. Once I get back to actu­ally doing things, that is.

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