Buy This Book No.1: The Art of The Shoe­maker

Picture of the book 'Art of The Shoemaker'

Any­one inter­ested in mak­ing late peri­od shoes needs a copy of this book. It is Al Saguto’s trans­la­tion of Garsault’s 1767 Art du Cor­don­ni­er includ­ing extens­ive notes. It is THE book on 18th cen­tury shoe­mak­ing and the tech­niques it describes are use­ful back to 16th cen­tury shoe­mak­ing as well.

As the page says:

No work about shoe­mak­ing and foot­wear is more sig­ni­fic­ant than Art of the Shoe­maker: An Annot­ated Trans­la­tion.… This book is a fas­cin­at­ing look into the lives and pro­duc­tion of eight­eenth-cen­tury shoe­makers and their trade’s prom­in­ent place in west­ern civil­iz­a­tion.”
Edward Maeder, Cur­at­or of Tex­tiles, His­tor­ic Deer­field

It’s not even ter­ribly expens­ive for such an amaz­ing ref­er­ence.  Buy­ing it from the Wil­li­ams­burg Found­a­tion sup­ports the incred­ible work they’re doing and the func­tion­al craft eco­sys­tem at work at Colo­ni­al Wil­li­ams­burg.

Buy the book here. I get noth­ing for refer­ring people, I just think it’s a great book.

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