Buy This Book No.3: Shoes and Pat­tens

Cover of Shoes and Pattens by Francis Grew and Margrethe De Neergaard. Part of the Museum of London's series on the Archaeology of London.

Cov­er of Shoes and Pat­tens by Fran­cis Grew and Mar­grethe De Neer­gaard. Part of the Museum of London’s series on the Archae­ology of Lon­don.

This is anoth­er must-have book for the medi­ev­al reen­act­or and his­tor­ic shoe­maker.

Shoes and Pat­tens is the sem­in­al work on medi­ev­al foot­wear in Eng­lish. Pub­lished in the 1980s some of the research has been super­seded by sub­sequent pub­lic­a­tions such as Step­ping Through Time, but it remains an immensely use­ful and access­ible work on medi­ev­al foot­wear that should be in every his­tor­ic shoemaker’s lib­rary.



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