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Buy This Book No.3: Shoes and Pattens

This is another must-have book for the medieval reenactor and historic shoemaker. Shoes and Pattens is the seminal work on medieval footwear in English. Published in the 1980s some of the research has been superseded by subsequent publications such as Stepping Through Time, but it remains an immensely useful and accessible …

Buy This Book No.2: Stepping Through Time

In my opinion this is the most significant English-language book on historic footwear to be published in the 20th century. The bulk of the book is by Olaf Goubitz who literally invented the system of recording archaeological leather and footwear used today. Everyone with an interest in historic footwear and …

Picture of the book 'Art of The Shoemaker'

Buy This Book No.1: The Art of The Shoemaker

Anyone interested in making late period shoes needs a copy of this book. It is Al Saguto’s translation of Garsault’s 1767 Art du Cordonnier including extensive notes. It is THE book on 18th century shoemaking and the techniques it describes are useful back to 16th century shoemaking as well. As the …