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Words From a Mas­ter Crafts­man

Ford Hal­lam is an extraordin­ar­ily tal­en­ted met­al smith trained in the Japan­ese tra­di­tion. A short film was made about his work, Utsushi — in Search of Katsushira’s Tiger which I think every­one should watch. I have watched it many many times and I take great joy in it each time. Oppor­tun­it­ies to watch a mas­ter …

A quote from a mas­ter boot­maker

D.W. From­mer is a west­ern boot­maker whose work I greatly admire and, while I have nev­er met him, over some years of read­ing his posts on the Crispin Col­loquy his atti­tude to his craft has been influ­en­tial in my own think­ing about the craft of shoe­mak­ing. Recently he wrote this in a post to …