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Picture of two skiving knives lying on a piece of leather

Skiv­ing Knives

I recently bought a couple of skiv­ing knives from Lisa Sor­rell, and I’ll start this by say­ing this: Run, do not walk, to Lisa’s web­site and buy one. One of each if you can afford it, but the big one if not. If you can’t afford a US$45 knife, that’s Ok, but …


Sharp is Good The most import­ant fea­ture of the knife is that it be sharp; razor sharp is a good start. In a recent post on the Crispin Col­loquy, D.W. From­mer II, a pro­fes­sion­al west­ern boot­maker whose skill and philo­sophy I admire a great deal, said the abil­ity to sharpen a knife is one of the …