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Iron Black Dyes

The easi­est col­ours to dye leath­er in medi­ev­al times were brown and black. Those are by far the most com­mon col­ours for shoes in art­work I have looked at, but I haven’t done a numer­ic ana­lys­is of foot­wear col­our by art and peri­od yet. Leath­er tanned by the medi­ev­al pro­cess in pits of …

Notes for left-handers mak­ing thread

On a shoe and boot­makers for­um I read someone was hav­ing trouble with their threads unwind­ing at the slight­est pro­voca­tion. They knew the thread and code were good because both of them had been used by oth­er people before. The pic­ture they pos­ted showed that the thread had been plied up using …